Our Story

There’s just something about sitting around a campfire. People unplug and just appreciate the company around them. Some of the best conversations occur while sitting around a campfire. Even meals taste better when cooked over an open flame. The campfire is a source of light, and a safe zone of warmth and community. Gazing into the flames, we connect to our past. For thousands of years, man has sat around a fire, not just for fun, but for necessity. When we build a campfire, it reminds us of a simpler time.

However, a campfire can also present a very real danger that can be the cause of tragedy when handled irresponsibly. In June, 2011, two campers carelessly left a campfire unattended and unprotected in eastern Arizona and accidentally caused the largest fire in Arizona history. Nearly a month later, the Wallow Fire had burned 538,049 acres and had destroyed over 70 buildings, costing taxpayers 109 million dollars.

Having lived in the American Southwest for most of our lives, we have seen first-hand the devastation caused by fire and the importance of practicing campfire safety. Long before we started Fireside Industries, we shared a passion for the outdoors that has spanned three decades. Whether we were hunting, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors, we have always known the importance of being responsible outdoorsmen. Year after year, we have seen the massive destruction caused by wildfires. Unfortunately, too many of these wildfires are human-caused and are very preventable. It was clear to us something could be done to make the camping experience safer and at the same time, easier. Ironically this idea was kindled around a campfire with friends when someone said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could put over the campfire that would preserve the coals so you had hot coals the next morning?”

We spent years perfecting the design, technology and construction of the Campfire Defender. We wanted to design something that could make the cold mornings easier by instantly starting a fire with hot coals from the night before. It was even more important to make sure that no embers could escape from the fire and cause another devastating wildfire. We had to develop a product that makes the camping experience more convenient, while always keeping fire safety in mind.

Campfire moments are some of the most cherished of our lives, and they can be enjoyed safely and easily with the Campfire Defender. Protecting the environment, while enhancing the camping experience is a core principle for Fireside Industries. We at Fireside Industries, Inc. believe that the protection and preservation of our forests and natural resources today is critical to the sustainability of our environment for the next generation. That is also why we developed the Tree for One Program. With every Campfire Defender purchased, a new tree will be planted in a burned area of our forests so that there will always be an outdoors to enjoy, and a campfire to sit around with friends and family.