Thermal Protection Gloves



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Professional Grade, Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves.

Protect your hands, while working with your campfire or barbecue. Great for any open fire or barbecue grilling.

These heat-resistant BBQ gloves are made with exclusive quadruple heat protection technology. A layer of high-quality aramid fibers protects your hands from the heat up to 932F, while the interior cotton liner makes the gloves comfortable to wear. The gloves feature a high-temperature anti-slip silicone that makes handling glassware or other cookware safer and easier.



  • These gloves are heat resistant, not heat proof a campfire can reach temperatures of 2,000F
  • Do not use with steam or while wet. Water will allow the heat to pass through the gloves
  • Use with caution




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Size:One-Size Fits Most
Max Operating TempEN 407 Heat Rating (932F)
Total Weight:1lbs.
Materials:Food-Grade Silicon Grips, Two-Stage Aramid Fiber Outer Material,  Interior Cotton Linear 


Wear gloves whenever dealing with hot, dry materials such as pots or pans. Gloves can be used sparingly to tend to hot coals or fire. 

CAUTION: Never use when wet 


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