Why We Built It:
The Campfire Defender


Weather can quickly take control of your campfire. From a gust of wind sending embers flying, to rain extinguishing your fire before you're ready. Weather can be a challenge for even the most experienced outdoors men. This unpredictability of weather and the unforgiving nature of fire can lead to serious safety concerns. Traditionally, the only tools we had to manage our fires was a bucket of water and a shovel; neither of which are much help in a inclement weather.

As human-caused wild fires continue to destroy millions of acres of land in the United States alone, we knew something had to be done. The biggest issue we face is that many campers do not realize that it can take over 5 gallons of water to properly extinguish an in-ground campfire. On a four-night trip that could mean over 20 gallons of water spent just on your fire! Realistically, very few choose to carry this much water with them, yet all of us know the dangers this reality can cause.


The Campfire Defender is designed to be placed over a live campfire, flames and all, either at the end of the night or in the event of inclement weather. The woven glass material is temperature resistant of up to 2,500F, allowing the Campfire Defender to cover a campfire for up to 8 hours at a time. You can simply cover your fire pit, stake down the cover, and sleep peacefully knowing your fire is fully contained.

The inserted pinwheel vent allows you to control the airflow into your coals giving you more options with your fire. You can turn down the temperature on your fire to keep coals burning for 8 hours, leaving you with hot coals in the morning. In the event you are short on water, the pinwheel vent can be opened all the way to allow maximum airflow into your coals. This cooks your fuel quickly, easily, and extinguishes your fire without the use of water.

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