Outdoor Grill Bundle
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Grill Size: Tri-Fold
  • Tri-Fold
  • Quad-Fold
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The perfect kit for the outdoor BBQ or tailgating event. The Outdoor Grill bundle includes the Pop-Up Fire Pit, Heat Shield, and your choice in size of grill grates.

This Outdoor Grill packs down smaller than most folding chairs and weighs just 16lbs making it easy to transport and set up just about anywhere.

Kit Includes:

  • Pop-Up Pit
  • Heat shield
  • Tri-fold Grill Grates Bundle
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Grill Out Anywhere

The Outdoor Grill Bundle includes the Pop-Up Pit, Heat Shield, and your choice of grilling grates. The Pop-Up Pit allows for easy ignition of your fuel through its added airflow while the heat shield allows you to burn on any surface without damaging the ground.

The grill grates come in two sizes: The Tri-Fold and Quad-Fold. Both are made from the same materials differing only in size. The Tri-Fold grill covers about 75% of the Pop-Up Pit providing a 16"x22" cooking area while the Quad-Fold covers nearly 100%.

Grilling Versatility

Both the Tri-Fold and Quad-fold grills feature an open design so you can easily cook with pots or pans. The grill grate's folding design allows you access to the coals so you can tend and stoke your coals as needed.

Pop-Up Pit & Grill


The Pop-Up Pit measures 24" x 24" and 15" tall when full assembled but packs down smaller than a camping chair when packed away (27"x5"x5")

Your fuel (wood, charcoal, or pellets) burn on top of a stainless steel mesh that allows perfect airflow into your fire while still keeping ash contained

Its aluminum frame and Ember Guards cools down rapidly after extinguishing your fire becoming cool to the touch within 90 seconds

The Grilling grates come in their own carrying case so any leftover residue on your grilling grates stays contained during storage

The Tri-Fold Grill offers a considerable 16"x22" cooking area, enough to cook 18 hamburgers at a time.

The Quad-Fold Grill offers an outstanding 22"x22" cooking area, enough to cook 24 hamburgers at a time.

Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel the grilling grates can hold up to 80 lbs of pots, pans, vegetables, and meats.

What people are saying

“I just took this kit on its first river trip and loved it. It was nice to have all the part. Clearly the best part is the pit itself. Having the mesh bottom really does seem to burn the fire much hotter. This also meant almost no chunks left unburned. Since we need to pack all of our ash out, this was SUPER nice. ”
Michael G
“We also need to bring a fire mat so it was nice to have a perfect size for this pit and one that rinses easily. I also loved how easy it was to clean up and pack up in the morning. Just pulled up the mesh, folded it, and poured it right into the ash can. Everything else rinsed super easy. I was nervous about using it with a dutch oven but no problems supporting the weight and, again, the air supply from below kept the heat consistent. I got the quad grill, which I now realize will be overkill. ”
Chance O
“I will almost never need that much grilling space. it will be nice when I do, though. Also nice that I can save a little weight by just bringing half when all 4 are not needed. One "feature" I really loved was the ability to slide the grill around to control the heat and to fold the grill out of the way as needed. I also like that the hardware for attaching the grill is separate so I do not need to bring the weight if not planning to use the grill. Overall, I am super impressed with the whole setup.”
Michael G
Grilling Flexibility
“The kit includes everything you might need to manage a fire. The pit and grill sets up easily and quickly. Only thing I don't like is I can't adjust the grill height ”
Nathan S
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