Leave No Trace Bundle

No Matter Where You Camp Leave It Better Than You Found It
  • 90s.
    Set-Up Time
  • 18 lbs.
    Total Kit Weight
  • 68" x 60"
    Ember Mat Coverage
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Leave No Trace Kit Overview

The Leave No Trace Bundle includes the Pop-Up Pit, Heat Shield, Ember Mat, Portable Grilling Grates, and Thermal Gloves.

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Simple Set-Up, Lightweight Materials, & Better Fires

Pop-Up Pit

Traditional Fire pits and grills sacrifice size for portability. The Pop-Up Fire Pit is designed to be different. Using aerospace inspired materials and a simple, yet effective collapsible design the Pop-Up Pit is the most portable full-sized fire pit. Ever.

The Pop-Up Pit weighs just 8lbs and measures 27"x5"5 when packed away yet in just 60 seconds sets-up to an outstanding 24"x24" fire pit.

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For Worry-Free Fires On Any Surface

Heat Shield

The Pop-Up Pit's optional heat shield allows for campfires on any surface. Designed to reflect the heat from your fire pit back upwards, the heat shield keeps the ground cool to the touch for the entire duration of your fire. Enjoy campfires on grass or wood decks without having to worry about damaging the surface below.

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From Fire Pit to Charcoal Grill and Back Again

Portable Grill Grates

Quickly and easily convert your Pop-Up Pit into an outdoor grill with the folding grill grates.

Made entirely from food-grade 304 stainless steel these grates are designed to hold up to 85lbs of weight.

Their open design allow you to grill on one end and cook with cast iron skillets on the other.

Comes in two sizes: Tri-Fold, and Quad-Fold

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Protect The Area Around Your Campfire From Popping Embers

Ember Mat

A fire-proof sub-straight coated on both sides in a hi-temp food grade silicon. The Ember Mat is a must for keeping the popping embers or dripping grease from your fire pit or grill from damaging the surrounding area.

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Handheld Fire Protection

Thermal Gloves

The Thermal Gloves are designed to withstand the intense heat of a campfire or the flare up from a grill. Manage hot cast iron or dutch ovens with ease.

Cut resistant and fire proof these gloves are a must have for any campsite.

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