The Sad Truth

Each and every year, millions of acres of forests are destroyed by wildfires leaving more and more forests unusable for future generations. This poses the question of not if, but when a generation will come that will no longer be able to experience the joy of outdoors. Here at Fireside Industries we have committed ourselves to forest conservation and safety to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors.

Protecting Your Family and Our Forests

Fireside Industries was founded with two goals in mind: Protecting Your Family and Our Forests. Reports show 90% of forest fires in the United States are human caused, with a significant portion being campfire related. It was this harsh reality that sparked our motivation to engineer and develop a one of a kind Campfire Safety System, The Campfire Defender. Designed as a preventative measure for campfire caused wildfires, we believe the Campfire Defender will be unparalleled in its ability to reduce, if not eliminate forest fires caused by campfires. The Campfire Defender sadly does nothing for the millions of already destroyed forests, which inspired us to create our TreeForOne Program.


The TreeForOne program is our way of contributing to the revitalization of previously destroyed forestland. For every Campfire Defender sold, we will plant a sapling on your behalf. We pride ourselves in being able to contribute to forest conservation and restoration, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation (NFF) Trees for the U.S. program.

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