Countless hours of research and testing have gone into making the Campfire Defender, from its military grade fabric to its pinwheel vent to its 2500 degree heat resistance it's no wonder our customers are so happy!

The Material

The topside of the Campfire Defender is a water-proof, heat resistance polymer. This is bonded to the underside of the cover, a military grade fabric. This fabric has been tested to withstand temperatures beyond 2500°F. With the standard wood campfire burning at an average temperature of 1400°F the Campfire Defender is more than capable of effectively controlling your campfire.

The Vent

The adjustable pinwheel vent on the Campfire Defender gives you full control over the airflow into your fire pit. Whether you want to extinguish your fire by closing the vent completely or adjust the vent to leave yourself with hot coals in the morning, the Campfire Defender does it all.

The vent on the Campfire Defender is specifically engineered to trap any embers large enough to start a forest fire inside of the cover while still allowing proper airflow in.


The Campfire Defender is composed of a material that effectively reflects heat back into the fire pit. When placed over a live fire pit the middle of the cover measure at only 45% the temperature of the fire pit with the edges at less than 10%, greatly reducing your chances of receiving severe burns from the fire pit.

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