How does the Campfire Defender Work?

The Campfire Defender prevents sparks and embers from leaving the fire while protecting your fire and fire-pit from inclement weather. It is also designed to control the burn rate of the wood in the campfire, thus prolonging the life of the coals for up to 8 hours.

Is the material harmful?

The Campfire Defender is made from a proprietary coated glass fiber material. It may cause skin irritations with excessive contact with the underside of the cover. We have provided gloves for your convenience. You may notice a small odor on the first use, similar to an oven used for the first time. It is not harmful and will subside with continued use.

Does this material burn?

Every material has a combustion point. The combustion point of this material is 2500°F. The average campfire does not exceed 1700°F. When used properly, the cover will not burn.

When do I place the cover over the fire?

We recommend placing the cover over the fire pit when the wood has been reduced to a charcoal state and the flames are no larger than 6 inches. This will produce the least amount of smoke and prolong the coals for the longest period of time.

How long will my Campfire Defender last?

When used properly, the Campfire Defender will offer years of protection, able to withstand a minimum of 100 fires. Misuse of the product, such as placing over a blazing bonfire, will shorten the life of the fibers and will breakdown the material prematurely.

Do I have to stake the Campfire Defender to the ground?

ABSOLUTELY. In order to ensure the fire is properly contained, the Campfire Defender must be staked to the ground. If not staked properly to the ground, weather, humans or animals can move the cover exposing the fire.

Do I have to use the Fire Stake?

The Fire Stake is an optional piece of equipment designed to create proper ventilation and protect the fire from inclement weather. The Fire Stake may not be necessary with certain fire rings/pits.

Does the Campfire Defender get hot?

Yes. This product will get hot in the area over direct heat. Because of the low conductivity of the material and coatings, the heat is contained to the area covering the fire ring. Typically, the Campfire Defender is 65% cooler then the coals it is covering.

Can I leave the cover on overnight?

Yes, the Campfire Defender is designed for prolonged use over a campfire. However, we recommend you NEVER leave your campsite with an unattended campfire that has not been properly extinguished.

Is it normal to have discoloration on the product?

Yes. Heat can cause a discoloration in our proprietary top coating. This will not diminish the effectiveness of the top weather resistant coating. You will have smoke and soot stains on the underneath side of the cover. This is normal and cannot be avoided.

How do I remove the Campfire Defender from the campfire ring?

Unstake one side the Campfire Defender and carefully lift the CD toward the side that is still staked down. Lay the CD flat on the ground and allow to cool before removing remaining stakes. Fold the CD for future use or storage.

Is this cover waterproof?

No. The top coating is weather resistant and designed to allow water to bead up and roll off. Using the Fire Stake will also aid in channeling the water away from the fire pit.

How do I clean the Campfire Defender?

Water and a soft bristle brush are all that is needed to clean the top of the cover only. Do not attempt to clean the bottom soot side as this can prematurely shorten the life of the cover. Do NOT use any chemicals or detergents to clean the Campfire Defender. Do not use any abrasive scrubbers on this product.

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