Our Forests Are Being Destroyed at an Alarming Rate

Technology has been steadily increasing allowing fire services more and more tools for fighting forest fires in the United States, however this technological advancement has been overshadowed by the increasing number of forest fires per year. We set out to stop this dangerous trend.

Over the past 30 years we have seen an extreme increase in the number of acres of forestland burned each year in the United States with 2015 having over 10 million acres burned.


Contrary to common belief a majority (90%) of forest fires are caused by humans. This means the responsibility falls on us to do more in preventing forest fires. Everyone can recognize fires ability to regenerate its flames even when it appears to be fully extinguished. This is especially true with campfires which are generally built with longevity of the fire in mind. A small mistake when putting out your fire is all it takes to leave a log or rock hot enough to reignite the surrounding area. 

This is the issue the Campfire Defender seeks to eliminate, by giving campers a tool to quickly and effectively cover their fire pit preventing their fire from spreading when going to bed or in the event of a wind storm.

The Rising Costs

Each year the US Forests Services is spending more and more tax-payer money fighting forest fires in the United States. That number is continuing to climb, at the current rate the Forest service will be spending $1.8 Billion a year by 2025.

As the Forest Service spends more and more money on fire suppression they have less to spend on overall projects that keep our forests clean and bountiful. Not to mention the reforestation projects that rebuild the forests devastated by fire. 

The Campfire Defender gives campers and forest service works alike a preventative measure to ensure that their campfire doesn't become a wildfire. 

Dangers of an Open pit

An open fire pit even when extinguished can pose dangers to everyone around it. As we had mentioned earlier fire does a great job of keeping itself hot and can be dangerous when underestimated. According to a recent study, greater than 80% of campfire related pediatric injuries were caused by day old campfires. Again the Campfire Defender offers a solution for protecting our families with its two-fold safety features. 

When placed over a fire the outside of the Campfire Defender will be less than half the temperature of the actual fire in the center, the sides of the cover will be cool enough to touch. This greatly reduces the chances of severe burns from your fire pit. In addition the Campfire Defender can be placed over your fire pit even after the fire has been fully extinguished, this prevents children and animals from digging into the coal bed and injuring themselves on a hot coal or rock. 





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