The Campfire Defender safety system features a variety of accessories for your convenience. All of the accessories listed below are included in the purchase of the kit. If you're seeking replacement parts, simply click on the 'Replace' button below.

Campfire Safety Campfire Defender Canvas Bag

Portable Campfire Safety

The Campfire Defender canvas carrying bag is designed to carry everything included in the kit.

Olive in Color, Rugged in Design.

Campfire Safety Campfire Defender Tent Stakes

Tent Stakes

The kit comes with 8 tent stakes 10" in length. These stakes firmly secure your cover to the ground to prevent any movement overnight. The tops of each stake are glow in the dark for easy nighttime visibility.

Campfire Safety Campfire Defender Fire Stake

Two-Part Fire Stake

This two-part fire stake is custom engineered for the Campfire Defender Safety System and made from galvanized steel with each part providing a different function.

The bottom half of the stake is to be driven into the middle of the fire pit before starting your fire. We recommend you use the bottom half of the stake to tent your wood.

The top half of the fire stake is fully adjustable and should be inserted  right before placing the cover over the fire pit in-order to properly tent the Campfire Defender.

Campfire Safety Campfire Defender Utility Gloves

Utility Gloves

Included to shield the user from the small amounts of heat when adjusting the pinwheel vent  on the cover. As well as keeping the users hands clean from soot.

NOTICE: These gloves are NOT flame retardant.

Campfire Defender Gasket Top

Fire Stake Gasket Top

This gasket top is used to help diffuse heat from the fire stake onto the Campfire Defender to increase the longevity of the cover.


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