Thermal Resistant Gloves

The Ultimate Campfire Management & BBQ Cooking Gloves
  • 932 F
    Temperature Resistance
  • EN 388
    Cut Resistent
  • 100 %
    Food Grade Silicon
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Cuts and burns are two of the most common injuries when camping which is why we designed these gloves to be resistant to both!

Ultimate Fire Protection

Stand-Up To The Heat

The Fireside Thermal Gloves are designed to withstand the intense heat of a campfire for easier and safer management. Our proprietary sub-straight can withstand temperature of up to 932F for 10 seconds giving you plenty of time to stoke a log or pick up a burning ember.

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Protect Your Hands and Forearms From Pesky Flare-Ups

Full-Coverage Protection

The Thermal Gloves feature a 4" sleeve that helps to protect not only your hands but your forearms as well.

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Final overview

  • Temperature Resistance 932F For Up To 10 Seconds
  • Glove Length 12.5"
  • Glove Width 5.5"
  • Weight 14 oz. (Pair)

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