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Earth Day 2019


Its Time to Address The Problem....

As more and more people have gone out and enjoyed the outdoors, our natural resources have begun to dwindle. When the proper care isn't taken, these remaining resources can be completely destroyed, leaving our next generations with nothing.

One of the biggest contributors of this destruction is the campfire.

We've all seen the scene of the crime before, garbage scattered about a campsite embers left in the fire pit still smoldering.

The earth is left scorched and scarred, and eventually the spot is abandoned-unusable by human and animal alike. Multiply this by the hundreds of thousands of fire pits in any given camping area and a grim picture begins to form.

In an effort to combat this, avid fishermen, hunters, and campers alike have elected to do their best to not leave any trace behind. This means packing out everything that they packed in, from waste to ash.

Still one problem remains, how do you have a campfire without leaving any evidence behind?

Image Credit Racheal Mellors

A Responsible Solution.

We designed the Pop-Up Pit with a simple goal in mind: build an efficient and responsible fire pit that can be used by anyone. We knew this fire pit had to be portable and lightweight, yet still simple and durable enough to be set up anywhere. Made from responsibly-sourced aluminium and stainless steel, the Pop-Up Pit weighs just under 8lbs. and packs smaller than a camping chair.

The Pop-Up Pit's featured heat shield allows your fires to leave no trace. The heat shield reflects 98% of the heat back up into the fire pit, keeping the ground air temperature at all times. This prevents scorching and scarring of the earth beneath your fire.

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