Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo


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A Simply Better Fire Pit

  • Built To Be Simple - Sets-up in 1 minute without tools - Cool to the touch 90 seconds after your fire is extinguished
  • Ultra-Portable - Simple but stable design packs smaller than a camping chair & weighs just under 8 pounds!
  • Protect Your Grass - Our included Heat Shield allows fires on any surface without damage. The Heat Shield reflects 98% of heat keeping the ground cool to the touch. Have fires on grass, wood decks, or asphalt without worry.
  • Meets The Regs - Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service Compliant Fire Pit - Meets River Rafting Regulations
  • Aircraft Inspired Design - Made entirely from never rust materials making this the last fire pit you'll ever need to buy. Fire Mesh bottom allows for perfect airflow into your fuel for High-Efficiency Burns with 80% less smoke

Pop-Up Pit Set-Up

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For The True No Fire Trace Experience

The Pop-Up Pit with the added Heat Shield allows the Pop-Up pit to be used on heat sensitive surfaces. Our aerospace inspired heat shield reflects 98% of heat and allows the ground to stay cool to the touch during your fire.

Avoid scorched ground or grass and Leave No Fire Trace behind.

Designed exclusively for use with the 24" Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit.

Always follow all Federal, State, and Local regulations.

  • Features
  • Technology
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Innovative design cuts the bulk and weight of traditional fire pits, and the result is a minimal, packable frame and base
  • Ideal for RV’s, cabin, tent camping, or tailgating
  • Holds up to 125 lbs so you can load up enough wood to keep the whole camp warm
  • Weighing in at 8 lbs, the Pop-Up Pit can hold over 15x its own weight
  • Aerospace-inspired design uses entirely rust-proof materials to ensure you get years of use out of your pit
  • The aerospace-inspired design also allows the Pop-Up Pit to cool in just under 90 seconds so you can pack up and get back on the move
  • Engineered to allow for maximum airflow meaning your fires burn brighter with 80% less smoke
  • Packable frame folds into a carrying case that’s smaller than a camping chair

Fire Mesh Technology

Weaved from a proprietary stainless steel the Fire Mesh is what your fuel burns on top of. The Fire Mesh can withstand temperatures up to 2,700F (average campfire is 1,500F) and hold up to 125lbs of fuel.

By allowing airflow to come up from underneath your fire your fuel burns more efficiently with 80% less smoke! While the mesh does allow airflow in from the bottom it is a tight enough weave that 98% of the ash is contained to the pit!

Heat Shield Technology

The Heat Shield attaches to the frame of your Pop-Up Pit and reflects the heat from your fire back upwards keeping the ground cool to the touch.

Made from an aluminium coated fire proof material, the heat shield's success is owed to the airflow created by using the Fire Mesh. This prevents heat from building up on the heat shield.

Have fires on wood decks or even grass without ever having to worry about damaging the ground.

Aircraft Aluminium and specially designed Stainless Steel make up the Pop-Up Pit. Both materials never rust ensuring years of use!  

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longest lifespan for your Pop-Up Pit we recommend rinsing off any ash or debris left on your Fire Mesh or Ember Guards after use. Ash build up can cause damage to your Pop-Up Pit if left long-term. No further chemicals or treatments are required.

PROP 65 Warning

WARNING: The product can expose you to chemicals including Lithium carbonate, Chromium (hexavalent compounds) and Nickel know to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


8 pounds

Packed Dims

27" x 5" x 5"

Open Dims:

24" x 24" x 15"