Ground Ember Mat
Ground Ember Mat
Ground Ember Mat
Ground Ember Mat
Ground Ember Mat
Ground Ember Mat

Ground Ember Mat


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Ember Mat Details

Use your Fireside Outdoor Ember Mat to keep popping embers and blowing ashes from damaging or polluting the ground around your fire pit or grill.
The Ember Mat Features Double-Coated Silicon Making The Mat Easy To Clean With Reflective Edging For Safety At Night.
At 5' x 6' (60" x 72"), the Ember Mat gives great coverage for collecting the ashes, embers, or grease that can fall out of your fire pit or grill.
Use a low impact fire pit/firepan such as the Pop-Up Pit and the Ember Mat to help leave your campsite as clean as you found it.
Meets permit requirements for Bureau Of Land Management, National Park Service, United States Forest Service.
Place the Ember Mat underneath your fire pit or grill before usage. Ensure the fire pit or grill is at least 4 inches above the Ember Mat.
Use your fire pit or grill as normal. Allow any embers time to cool before folding up the Ember Mat and storing.
While the Ember Mat can take the heat of embers and burning wood leaving embers or burning wood on the Ember Mat for an extended period of time will greatly reduce the life-span.
Don't build fires directly on the Ground Cloth; prolonged exposure to this level of heat will shorten its life.
This Ember Mat is fire-resistant not fireproof, use common sense and caution.
Always Follow All Federal, State, and Local Regulations

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